Classical Hatha Yoga school "Yoga by Raah" was founded by ISHA Hatha Yoga teacher Raah (Maria Otto). She was certified after 1750 hours of intense training followed by annual upgrades at ISHA Hatha Yoga school in Coimbatore/ South India).
Raah shares: "By reading Indian philosophy and literature I discovered for myself ancient yogic tradition, which inspired me to learn more. It had taken many years of reading and searching before I travelled to India in 2010 and met Sadhguru (founder of ashram ISHA), since then I have gone through different intense programs and learned effective practices: Yoga Asanas, Meditations, Kriyas. They worked meraqously just the way I could have never imagined. In 2014 I joined Hatha Yoga Teachers Training in the ISHA Yoga cener because there I could experience Yoga not just as an exercise but as a profound technology of wellbeing.

Learning Yoga in its purest form from Sadhguru, brachmacharies (monks) and teachers I realised that my own life became much more colorful, vibrant and energised, flexible and grateful. Just observing these people, the way they conduct every day life was a great inspiration.

Through Yoga and yogis I began to tune with life and this amazing way to live I will be happy to transmit this dimention to everyone in this part of the World.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a first step. It doesn't matter how busy, how fit or how old you are. We can all benefit from a profound technology of tremendous antiquity called Hatha Yoga humbly kept in its purity by many generations of yogis for all of us."
  • Yulia (program participant)
    '"From the very beginning of my journey in yoga I was interested in "something profound" that is not told in ordinary classes. I was looking for the very knowlege that completely transforms a person as a being and ones life, as a path. It seems, I found the "this very knowlege". A path that will lead a person to a completely different level of development. Breathing, movement of the body, inner sensations - all become ONE in Surya Kriya."
  • Anastasia (Iyengar-yoga teacher, program participant)
    "Surya Kriya works miracles! Suddenly, many asanas became profounder and today I accidentally discovered that I could fall into the twine (just recently coundn't reach 20-30 cm). Finally, i got a burst of strength and energy. I'm so glad I bumped into this practice. Thank you once again! "
  • Dana (program participant)
    "I like everything very much! After the first meeting feels like we are together forever)! The teacher Raah was very accessible and attentive. I am very pleased that the personal physical acquaintance with Isha Yoga began precisely with such a warm comfortable team in Moscow!!! A huge thanks to the organizers! Huge gratitude to the messenger of the ancient culture and philosophy. I thank you with all my heart."
  • Chika Akujobi
    Trainer, ex professional soccer player Heracles Almelo
    I am very grateful for the yoga classes I took Raah. It's amazing! I exercise every day. Often I understand the system of my body and experience joyful peace of mind. I have a lot more focus in my system. Namaste
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