Science of using the body to prepare oneself for the ultimate possibility.
Sadhguru, founder of Isha foundation
Yoga is a profound science which approaches overall human wellbeing. It goes about paying attention to the body, mind, emotions and evolves our life energies. If all this aspects are well balanced and aligned life opens up the way we could never imagine possible. In wellbeing classes we support people in reaching their goals toward comfortable and joyful life so that it becomes possible to focus on higher goals.
Depending on health conditions and individual requests we offer different programs. Such as:

  • Surya Shakti
  • Nada Yoga (science of mantra's)
  • Body strengtening
  • Restricted mobility
  • Attention and memory
  • Cardiac Strengthening
  • Rehabilitation (Post Heart Attach, Post stroke)
  • Spine strengthening
In health programmes we focus on physical and psychological benefits which yoga can bring in our lives. First our bodies have to become strong and energised before we enter higher dimensions of what we are, of what we consciously can become.
When we are balanced certain ease comes to the whole system. What is sickness? It's a certain dis-alignment, dis-ease. In health classes we apply powerful yogic system to support treatment process and better recovery. In these classes we also work on following health issues: asthma, allergy, sinusitis, tinnitus & vertigo, diabetes, hypertension, joints & spine,
hormonal imbalance, skin diseases, menstrual problems, insomnia, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, addiction, mental imbalance (depression), nervous problems, autoimmune diseases, cancer, cardiac diseases etc.

Practices given in these classes are created based on guidelines given by Sadhguru. These practices give great support in regaining good health, flexibility and rejuvenate human system. We can create specific modules for individual cases.

When you get better always consult the doctor before reducing a medication for any illness.